How 2nd Call began:

2nd Call has continuously grown each year with a bright glow shining proudly on the name and has quickly become the organization often referred to when mentioning Trauma Informed Care with facilitation of Parenting, Anger Management, Domestic Violence and Re-Entry programs. However 2nd Call just like the moon has no direct light and can only shine bright because of the reflection of the light above.  We at 2nd Call thank our Divine Intervention for allowing the light to shine on us. We are also thankful for our guide and our mentor and the vision and life of Darren Bo Taylor.

                                      The Team:

Skipp Townsend 

Executive Director 

Shanae Polk

Operations Manager 

Petra Funtila

Administrative Director

Big John


Melissa Hudson


Carmen Chavez 

Administrative Assistance

Tameko Brewster