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How 2nd Call began:

2nd Call is a grassroots nonprofit organization working towards community safety, justice, and liberation. Since the organization originated in 2006, our mission has been “to save lives by reducing violence and assisting in the personal development of high-risk individuals, proven offenders, ex-felons, parolees, and others who society disregards.” Following the needs of our community and learning to provide care and intervention for the highest-risk populations, we have facilitated weekly classes in the California State Prisons, local churches, schools, and employment training programs, within Los Angeles county and the Inland Empire.


All classes begin with Trauma Informed Life Skills, allowing all of our participants the opportunity to address childhood trauma, triggers and the effects of growing up in dysfunctional families. Using a healing circle format, we build on strengths, heal family connections, and explore the impacts of personal, community, and intergenerational trauma, strategies for resilience, and motivations for breaking the cycles of poverty and violence. The key principle is honoring the participants' dignity and presence while valuing the participants' contribution and voice. 2nd Call's first step is to create a physically and emotionally safe environment for community members of all walks of life to share and learn from others without judgment.  We are also thankful for our guide and our mentor and the vision and life of Darren Bo Taylor.

                                      The Team:

Skipp Townsend 

CEO / Executive Director 

Jasmine I. Thompson



Dr Lisa Fears

Director of Education 


Shanae Polk

Director of Operations 

Petra Funtila

Director of Program Compliance

Jeff Bellissimo LCSW

Career Coordinator 

Carmen Chavez 

Georgia Director of Operations

Karen McGee

Lead Ambassador 2nd Call

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